Establishing and maintaining a quality golf course and country club can be challenging. The expectations of members, coupled with thousands of decisions can make managing a club difficult and costly.

If you’re experiencing some of these frustrations, or if you’re preparing to open a new facility, we invite you to turn to the professionals of Classic Golf Management. We, at Classic Golf Management, are a group of highly-trained individuals who possess special talents related to the development and maintenance of golf courses and country clubs. Classic Golf Management can provide you the expertise needed to save time, which immediately translates into saved dollars.

Classic Golf Management can assist you in the areas of planning, construction, maintenance, budgeting, marketing, daily operations, tournament set-up, and much more. Working with us, you’ll see a total consultant package designed just for your club or course. Step-by-step, we evaluate your current operations, inherent opportunities, and limitations, as well as your needs and desires for the future. Then, a program for your facility will be implemented, which will provide you with an efficient, economical, and lucrative operation.

From the conception of ideas…to the opening of your club or the sale of the property…Classic Golf Management can provide you with the assistance you need to assure success.

Golf Course Maintenance/Agronomy

Classic Golf Management brings experience, practical knowledge, and a strong agronomic and horticultural background to golf course facilities ensuring a successful operation. Our professionals specialize in tailoring agronomic and turf care practices to the special needs of each facility. An integral part of our management service lies in the selection, training, and supervision of our maintenance programs. While we are dedicated to providing our facilities with the most advanced turf care, we also recognize the importance of budgetary guidelines and environmental sensitivity.


Classic Golf Management’s marketing team prides itself on creating the ideal identity for our clients to be positively recognized by golfing customers. Our marketing efforts are focused on the goals and budgets of our clients to generate rounds at the highest rates and increase golf rounds during the low season periods. Classic Golf Management has developed an extensive knowledge of marketing enabling our managers to successfully promote their golf clubs in the most cost-efficient manner. Classic Golf Management develops marketing plans for each club with emphases on:

Heightened name and logo recognition

  • Effective collateral materials
  • Group sales and tournament development
  • Marketing plan effectiveness tracking


Golf shop operation is a very competitive business that requires experienced personnel to ensure success. Classic Golf Management is extremely proud of its ability to attract leaders in the merchandising industry. We currently have on staff two professionals whose golf shops have received regional and national recognition for merchandising. Included in these awards are “Merchandiser of the Year” selected by the Georgia Section of the PGA and “Top 100 Golf Shops” in the United States. The Classic Golf Management team brings knowledge, service, and national account programs with major vendors to our clients to provide cost-benefit to each of our facilities.

Personnel and Club Operations Support

The Classic Golf Management team has the skills and resources to effectively supervise personnel and manage other administrative issues facing clubs daily. Our experience and legal counsel insure that all facilities comply with applicable laws and regulations and provide managers with continuing education and training in these areas. Classic Golf Management has the resources to build a strong staff at our clubs and provide payroll and benefits administration. We will make every effort to ease the transition from the current management environment to ours by retaining many of the current staff in their positions. Additionally, Classic Golf Management will offer assistance in the areas of membership plans, club conversions, coordination with hotels and resorts, and service to additional recreation amenities within the golf facility.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage operation is an important element of high-quality customer service. Classic Golf Management has excellent experience in operating all types of food and beverage facilities from full-service restaurants to snack bars. We understand the importance of providing top-quality service that is created for each facility’s specific needs. Classic Golf Management also excels in the promotion of its food and beverage facilities for banquets and tournament events, as well as, non-golfing functions such as weddings and receptions.


Classic Golf Management’s accounting team has the skill and experience to ensure that all financial information is detailed, accurate, and delivered in a timely fashion. Our accounting and reporting procedures have the flexibility to generate specific information required to meet the individual needs of all our facilities. These accounting services include:

  • Managing all payables and receivables
  • Preparation of monthly and annual budgets/projections
  • Preparation of monthly operating statements
  • Payroll and benefits administration
  • Assistance in selection of point-of-sale systems

Policies & Procedures

Classic Golf Management furnishes each facility with written policies and procedures documented in operational manuals in each of the following areas:

  • Mission, vision, operating, philosophy, and goals
  • Administrative policies/procedures
  • Standards of operation
  • Golf operations
  • Golf course maintenance operations
  • Food and beverage
  • Employee handbook
  • Marketing
  • Employee hiring
  • Club rules
  • Fee structures
  • Hours, scheduling, and staffing
  • Tee time policies
  • Golf cart, bag handling, and driving range
  • Safety programs
  • Merchandising and inventory controls
  • Tournament and group outing booking policies
  • Teaching and clinic programs
  • Job descriptions
  • Training and development
  • Payroll
  • Personnel records
  • Staff meetings
  • National and vendor account management